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To heat or not to heat? That is the question

Safety officers and purchasing/facility managers now have to be mindful of the fact that it is no longer an option to give their workforce cold water safety showers direct from the mains. The right decision can therefore be difficult to make about what safety equipment they actually need for purpose.


Three Nozzle Eyebath for Total Decontamination

GEB3 Eyebath gives automatic access to three diffuser nozzles which avoids contaminants being driven into the optic system.


Mobile Safety Shower with Chiller

The Mobile Bowser range is now available with a fixed chiller unit for hot climates, giving 15 minutes guaranteed cooled water drench time.


Showers & Eyebaths Services is a global leader in the bespoke manufacture of Emergency Safety Showers and Eyebath/Facewash equipment, providing solutions to employee safety whilst ensuring compliance with regulations is maintained. 

It has the technology and specialist engineering expertise to provide emergency showers that can withstand extreme temperatures down to minus 40 degrees centigrade and up to plus 40 degrees centigrade.

Its innovative approach to workforce safety and demands made by industry worldwide is reflected in the diverse contracts it is able to meet. From its UK head office it supplies to a wide range of industries worldwide, from marine based operations - including mega tankers and ships, onshore and offshore oil rigs – to pharmaceutical and petrochemical plants, oil and gas fields, laboratories, schools and universities.

We are looking to expand our Distributor portfolio globally - more specifically across Western and Eastern Europe, Asia and North America.

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